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We share real world motorcycle riding skills. In the UK it is a legal requirement for all riders to undertake a basic training course before being allowed to ride on the roads with restrictions. There is then a range of testing and at least four further days of real world training to get a rider a full UK Motorcycle Licence. Also there are many institutions offering post test training that builds on this to what we refer to as "Advanced" levels. 90% of all the training we do is done in the real world. Building experience and supporting new and experienced riders through teaching best practice from experienced Instructors. 

However across Asia, there is little such real world training available. So what we offer is services to bridge that gap. Well proven basic rider training techniques, coupled with the latest in Safety Thinking i.e. Safety Differently, Safety II and No Surprise / No Accident. 

We can offer Rider and Instructor training services, advice on developing training schools,

along with developing new approaches to how we think about safety on the roads and in the workspace. All tailored to your requirements. 

An important point regarding this training is the idea is to work with local experienced riders who can be trained as Instructors. Police Officers or local emergency first responders and Bikers interested in improving theirs and others riding abilities. The UK requires a rider to have held a full licence for two years before they can become an Instructor, for example. 

This is what we would consider to be a typical rural development training ride

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